Pediatric Hearing Care

Follow-Ups to Newborn Hearing Screening at The ENT Center

We are proud to be a referral site for follow-up services for the Pennsylvania’s Department of Health Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program. 

Every newborn baby is provided with a hearing screening by their birthing center shortly after birth. If your baby does not pass that screening, our experienced Audiologists are able to provide a more comprehensive hearing evaluation.

During the evaluation, your baby will be able to rest in your arms or quietly take a bottle or nurse while we evaluate the hearing system from the eardrum to the hearing centers of the brain. These tests are safe and accurate methods to assess your baby’s hearing system.

If a hearing loss is identified, we will work with you to develop a care plan that ensures you and your baby’s communication needs are met.

For more information on newborn hearing screening, please see this resource from the PA Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program:

Pediatric Hearing Aids

Children are unique and each child’s hearing is unique. From listening at home, to listening in the classroom, in the cafeteria, and on the playing field, the experienced Pediatric Audiologists at The Hearing Center strive to meet each child’s individual listening needs.

Because every situation is a learning opportunity for a child, it is important that their hearing aid can keep up with their active lives. Our Pediatric Audiologists have access to the latest technology from a variety of manufacturers and will work closely with your family to make recommendations that ensure your child is able to access all the sounds he or she needs for communication and development.

Many insurances have hearing aid benefits for children and, in Pennsylvania, every child with permanent hearing loss is eligible for hearing aid coverage through specific insurances. We will work with you and your insurance to obtain the devices that best suit your child’s hearing.

If your child already has hearing aids, we can work with their existing technology and may be able to help them obtain new earmolds or new hearing aids.

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