Bone Anchored Hearing Aids (BAHA)

If you’re living with single-sided deafness, conductive or mixed hearing loss, the Baha bone conduction system might be the perfect solution.

How it Works

The Baha bone conduction system routes sound through the bones in your head, using an external sound processor to pick up and transmit sound to an internal implant and on to the inner ear and functioning cochlea.

There are three primary components of the Baha Bone Conduction System: 

  • The external sound processor 
  • An abutment or a magnetic connection that links the sound processor to the titanium implant 
  • The titanium implant that is implanted in the bone and osseointegrates in the bone behind the ear
The Baha bone conduction system is available in two options:
  • Baha Connect —maximizes hearing performance using a visible abutment behind the ear
  • Baha Attract—provides an invisible connection behind the ear using an implanted magnet
Is Baha right for you?

The Baha bone conduction system works especially well for people with single-sided deafness or conductive hearing loss. You can trial the device prior to surgery. Dr. John W. Miller III at THE ENT CENTER performs the surgery right here in Lancaster. To find out more schedule an evaluation today!