Hearing Aids and Implants


Another unique aspect about our practice is that we are the only practice in Lancaster County that can provide all of your hearing care needs.  From hearing prevention to implantable solutions, we will provide you with all the options available to fit your hearing needs and lifestyle.  Age isn’t a factor.  We work with newborns to geriatrics to find the right solution.

  • Adult and pediatric hearing aid evaluations and fittings
  • Adult and pediatric hearing aid checks and repairs
  • Real ear verification
  • Baha and cochlear implant evaluations, programming, and repairs
  • Custom earmolds, hearing protection and musician earplugs
  • Assistive listening devices
Hearing Aids

We know that purchasing hearing aids is a major investment in your life. Based on your hearing test and lifestyle, we will recommend a personalized solution to help you hear better.  Hearing aids are a lifestyle change and you need time for your brain to get adjusted to all the new sounds you’ll be hearing. That’s why we offer an 100% money back guarantee within an adjustment period with every hearing device. This period will help you feel confident that your hearing devices fit your hearing and lifestyle needs.

In addition to your hearing devices, an original manufacturer warranty is included for coverage of repairs and a one-time loss and damage* replacement. The following service plan is included for the length of that original manufacturer warranty:

  • Initial programming of devices to fit your hearing needs
  • Cleanings, re-programming, and firmware updates to keep your devices at optimum performance
  • Continual support on how to use your devices to get the most out of them
  • Advanced features, Bluetooth connectivity assistance, firmware updates
  • Supplies and batteries (if applicable)
  • Real ear verification to confirm we are meeting your hearing needs
  • Remote hearing aid programming

*Deductible applies for loss and damage replacement

Hearing aids have a value as well as a price. Therefore, we offer various price points to accommodate not only your financial need but also fit your specific hearing needs. We work with most major manufacturers to provide you with the latest technology available.

Insurance Coverage for Hearing Aids
Insurance coverage is evolving and there may be hearing aid benefits available through your insurance now. Our staff will help you find out if you have any hearing aid benefits. We also offer financing options as well.

SCHEDULE a complimentary hearing aid evaluation to obtain personalized information on the right hearing device for you.

Hearing Aid Checks

Regardless of where your hearing aids were purchased, whether it’s our office or somewhere else*, our expert team of audiologists and hearing care providers can examine your current technology and re-program them if you feel your hearing aids are not meeting your needs. Even the “high-end” hearing aids won’t sound right if they are not programmed appropriately to your specific hearing needs. We can use real-ear measurements and perform electroacoustic analysis to verify your hearing aid performance.

*Fees may apply if hearing aids were purchased elsewhere.

Bone Anchored Hearing Aids (BAHA)

If you’re living with single-sided deafness, conductive or mixed hearing loss, the Baha® Bone Conduction System might be the perfect solution. A hearing aid tries to push sound through the damaged part of the ear, whereas the Baha® Bone Conduction System routes sound through the bones in your head to the cochlea. An external sound processor picks up and transmits sound to a surgically placed internal implant and on to the inner ear and functioning cochlea.

The Baha 5 system offers three different head-worn sound processors, each one designed for a different level of hearing loss. The sound processors will automatically adjust to try to allow you to hear better and easier regardless of the environment you are in. They are Made for iPhone compatible and utilize an app that makes it easier for you to personalize your hearing experience. They are wireless, allowing you to use accessories that stream sound to the sound directly to the sound processor without anything around your neck.

Is Baha right for you?
Unlike hearing aids, the Baha® Bone Conduction Systems  are covered by Medicare. They are also covered by most insurance plans and typically Medicaid. You can trial the device prior to surgery. Dr. John W. Miller III and Dr. Victor Da Costa at The ENT Center perform the surgery right here in Lancaster.

To find out more, schedule an evaluation today!

Cochlear Implant

Are your hearing aids no longer working for you? Do they make things louder, but not clear? Then it may be time to consider a cochlear implant. Cochlear implants are designed to mimic the function of a healthy inner ear (or cochlea) so sounds are better understood in both noisy and quiet environments.

The ENT Center is the only practice in Lancaster County that offers evaluation, testing and programming for cochlear implants. We are part of the Cochlear Provider Network (CPN) that teams up independent practices that want to expand their services into their county. We have teamed with Dr. Isaacson at Associated Otolaryngologists of Pennsylvania (AOP) who has extensive experience with cochlear implant surgery. You will see him for the medical evaluation and the surgery. After surgery you will return to THE ENT CENTER for all your follow-up care and programming. This allows you to continue your hearing healthcare close to home.

The Cochlear Nucleus® System offers multiple wearable options. Just like hearing aids, the processor will automatically adjust depending on your environment using their SmartSound® IQ with Scan. It offers True Wireless™ technology to stream sound from accessories directly to the processors. You can monitor and manage your Nucleus 7 processor using their Nucleus® Smart App from a compatible Apple or Android™ device. You can also connect directly from all phones. The Nucleus 7 sound processor has Made for iPhone technology and this fall will connect with certain Android™ phones as well. At your evaluation, we’ll go over all the options with you to help you pick the best options for your lifestyle.

Is the Cochlear Implant right for you?

The Cochlear Nucleus® System is covered by Medicare.  They are also covered by most insurance plans.  To determine if you are a candidate and learn more about the cochlear implant, contact our office to schedule an evaluation with one of our audiologists.