Speech Delays and Hearing Problems

Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment Options from Expert Pediatric ENT Physicians and Audiologists in Greater Lancaster, Pennsylvania


Starting from infancy, a number of symptoms can occur in children that could point to possible speech delays or hearing problems, including:

  • Out-of-range results of a newborn hearing screening
  • Delays in expected “milestones” indicating normal speech or hearing development (responding to sounds, “pre-speech” vocalizations such as “coos” or “pleasure sounds,” “first words”) 
  • Difficulties with articulating words or phonetic sounds beyond the expected age

At various stages of childhood, signs of speech delays or hearing problems may be noticed by parents or pediatricians, or observed in the school setting. Any of these stages may be points of referral to an ENT physician or audiologist for further evaluation and, if problems are revealed, identification of effective treatments. 

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