Pediatric ENT Care

Expert ENT knowledge, plus the right personalities to set kids at ease—combined in one practice. 

Children can experience many of the same ear nose and throat health issues and injuries that adults deal with, but doing a great job with treating kids takes a special kind of provider. We’re proud to say that out team has a unique flair for easing the fears and anxieties of pediatric patients—and their parents—so that they can focus on getting well. All that said, we also offer specialized expertise in some specific ENT health issues to which children can be especially prone.

Common Childhood ENT Health Issues
  • Chronic ear infections
  • Tonsillitis, sore throats or strep throat
  • Foreign objects in the nose, ears
  • Frequent sore throats or strep throat
  • Speech delay
  • Breathing and feeding difficulties
  • Failed newborn or school hearing screenings.

Our team includes physicians with specialized training and in-depth experience in pediatric ENT care.

Speech Delays and Hearing Problems

Infants and toddlers have a predictable age at which they should gain speech and language. For children who are delayed in speaking, it is important to make sure there is not a related hearing loss. Often, a medical or behavioral disorder can have symptoms similar to those of a child with hearing loss.

Our team approach to evaluating speech delay and hearing concerns involves our Audiologists and ENT Physicians who have extensive pediatric experience.

Our Audiologists will discuss your concerns and employ various testing techniques that engage your child to assess their hearing ability.

Our ENT physicians will complete a comprehensive medical evaluation to look for other contributing factors such as chronic ear infections, sleep apnea, and tongue ties.

Based on the findings of our team, treatment plans and referrals may be made based on your child’s individual needs.

Having a related issue? REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT with one of our expert ENT physicians to obtain a clear diagnosis and review treatment options.