Eustachian Tube Disorder

The Eustachian tube is a structure that connects the middle ear to the throat. Opened and closed by a lining of muscle tissue, the Eustachian tube has functions that include equalizing pressure in the middle ear and allowing the drainage of mucus. 

However, the Eustachian tube is vulnerable to becoming constricted or blocked by accumulated mucus or swelling in a condition called Eustachian tube disorder. Signs of Eustachian tube disorder include chronic middle ear infections (especially in children) or, in adults, a “feeling of fullness” in the ear. Affected patients may also sense that the sounds they hear are “muffled.” Others may experience a sensation of popping, clicking, or “tickling” in the ear, pain or ringing in the ear, or balance  problems. 

Our physicians can assess Eustachian Tube disorder and provide treatment options, ranging from medication to surgery.

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