Our Approach

One team. Two specialties. Two focuses: better health from the neck up, and better hearing.

There are ear, nose and throat (otolaryngology) medical practices. And there are audiology and hearing aid providers. And then there is The ENT Center, a practice that, by bringing both together under the expert direction of board certified ENT physicians, is unique in the greater Lancaster area. 

Do you have a straightforward case of hearing loss that needs only the right hearing aid for correction? Or could there be a more serious underlying issue involving the brain or nervous system? Is your snoring simply an annoyance that awakens your spouse at night? Or could it be a sign of a more significant breathing problem that the right treatment could improve while also benefiting your overall health? Should you be worried when you see your child constantly tugging at his or her ears?

In Greater Lancaster, The ENT Center is the practice you can rely on for the right answers—and the right solutions—to questions like these. 

About Our Team

To ensure that we can truly meet the full range of ear, nose, throat, and hearing health needs across the lifespan, we have assembled a team of highly trained, specialized professionals that includes:

  • Otolaryngologists—board-certified physicians who have received specialized training in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions and injuries affecting the ear, nose, throat and surrounding anatomy.
  • Physician assistants—clinical professionals with specialized training and experience in otolaryngology, supporting our physicians in managing and monitoring patient care. 
  • Audiologists—doctoral-level clinical professionals specialized in performing hearing evaluations and matching patients with hearing aids and other solutions that meet their individual needs.
  • Hearing Care Specialists—professionals supporting our audiology team in dispensing hearing aids, accessories, and related assistive devices.

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